Fashion Designing Course

Fashion Designing

The program is curated in a way that allows the students to identify areas of interest within the fashion segments of apparel, textiles and accessories and transition into desired path. The program aims to equip the student with an in-depth understanding of the role of the designer in today’s fashion industry.

The scope of the course is to place the student in a global fashion scenario at the end of the curricular path. They will also be exposed to the importance of accessories that currently occupies a large section of the current global fashion industry. Students during the entire course get hands on experience on how the world fashion system works and evolves.

Fashion Design Apparel path includes all the segmentations across genders and age group This course enables students to achieve competencies in both design and construction with the use of advance technologies.

Comprehensive academic rigor and appropriate industry exposure are the two elements that ensure the learner by the end of the course is industry ready with a global and contemporary eye for developments of seasonal collections.

Fashion Designing Course

Fashion Design Accessories path includes the conceptualization, design and other fashion accessories that complements a look. Students who are keen to focus their attention to a more specific area within the field of fashion will have an opportunity to be exposed to a more specific field where a combination of skills and projects will enhance their learning. An in depth understanding of the wide range of products, that represent a good 65% of the fashion business, will define their future career in competitive fashion industry. Students who follow this path will explore products with the lens of desire, having in mind the difference between needs and want and become expert in this field.

Fashion Design Textiles path includes how to design contemporary fabrics for fashion.

  • Textile is the India's largest creative industry and it is internationally renowned.
  • This pathway will enable student to explore, within the large spectrum of fashion, the segment of textile with a global perspective.
  • Both innovation and up scaling of the craft are the 2 corner stone that defines this pathway.
  • This course will equip the student to bridge the gap of contemporary design and craft intervention.

Learners get exposed to an understanding of Indian fabrics, their surface ornamentations and its role in the global industry. A strong collaboration between domestic designers, craftsmen and stakeholders of this segment will ensure a solid professional knowledge to approach by the end of the course both domestic and global markets.