Fire & Safety Training

Fire & Safety Training

Gnana Sri Mythri Institute of Technology is a professional Private training provider that offer top-notch quality training and consultancy services in diversified areas,(GSM IT) Gnana Sri Mythri Institute of Technology Pioneered Training provision for occupational Health and Safety!

(GSM IT) Gnana Sri Mythri Institute of Technology concentrates on providing high quality training on the areas of Health & Safety.As a result,Gnana sri Mythri Institute of Technology acquired accreditation from the most sought after UK Awarding bodies namely: National Examination Board on Occupational Health and safety (NEBOSH),Instituion of occupational safety and Health(IOSH) and SECURES APPROVAL FROM BSS GOVT OF INDIA to deliver high quality safety training in the India as approved by the Ministry.

Established by Professional Engineers who have vast Experience in the field of Safety Management,Oil and Gas,Steel,Thermal & Marine Engineering Etc.The Main Mission of GSMIT is to provide International Standards of Training to the young Aspirants who desired to take safety as a profession.

GSMIT  takes it very serious when it comes to provied services to the highest standards.We have been recognized for timely service with highest quality and satisfaction.

Fire Engineering & Health,Safety and Environment Management are getting its roots swiftly as Career Option in India.It is only in these days that most of the people of our country are getting acquainted with it,whereas in abroad fire Eng.and safety management is an integral part of most of University Programs.

The rise in fire Engineering & Safety Management is an upshot of Industrial Growth.The Growth in number of Industries and Increased focus on production has also increased the risk factor,the number of accidents,etc.and as a consequence of that the demand of safety personnel has raised under duress.To Keep the production plants with their hi-tech machineries delivering the goods,it is important to ensure safely and reduce accidents by removing unsafe action and unsafe conditions and for this industrial safety personnel are a must.

Middle East,the biggest fire prone areas in the world has the highest budget for fire prevention and fire protection and that result in thousand of job in the field of fire & Safety.Moreever,there is an overwriting demand for skilled,professionally trained man power to safeguard industrial unit in the fields like diverse refineries,heavy engineering,automobile manufacturers,textile manufacturers,airports,ports,construction companies,power sectors,etc.To state the facts there is a requirement of thousand of people in the field of fire and safety.If we look in to the data then we will find that every year there is a demand of more than 15,000 personnel concerned in our country only.There will be no exaggeration if we consider this as a revolution.

Fire & Safety Training


S.No Course Duration Eligibility
1 Advance Diploma in Fire & Industrial Safety 1Year 10,Inter,ITI
2 P.G Diploma in Fire & Industrial Safety 1 Year Graduation
3 Advanced Diploma in Health,Safety & Environmental Engineering 1Year 10,Inter,ITI
4 P.G Diploma in Health,Safety & Environmental Engineering 1 Year Graduation
5 Advanced Diploma in Industrial & Construction Safety Engineering 1 Year 10,Inter,ITI
6. P.G Diploma in Industrial & Construction Safety Engineering 1 Year Graduation


Environmental Safety

1 Year  Graduation
8 IOSH 3 Days Graduation
9 NEBOSH 15 Days Graduation